Dog Village: VMhotel Napeto
Hotel Pet Friendly

The Napeto VMDogvillage is a Pet Friendly village, ideal for guests who wish to spend the holidays en famille and above all with their 4-legged friends, in an atmosphere that is green, peaceful and relaxing, a couple of steps from the beach, surrounded by extensive green spaces and with areas specifically dedicated to dogs.

You will find the following available for your animal friends:

  • welcome kit on arrival including food bowl and sleeping mat (with a deposit)
  • Ground floor rooms with reserved closed veranda which enables them to be outside without being on a leash (dedicated rooms, properly sanitised and disinfected).
  • Dog beach, reserved area on the beach where dogs can accompany you under an umbrella. 
  • Dog parking service (two hours per day included in the rate, any additional hours Euro 3,00 per hour) in appropriate closed cages, to be booked at the bazar/dog shop.
  • Trails where you can easily accompany your friends, on a leash, in nearby areas designed for them:
  • Dog agility area with the relevant equipment for gymnastic activities and walkways.
  • Reserved pool area.
  • Bazar/Shop with basic products. To be paid: washing and grooming with mechanical Dog Shower Point.

Dog village service costs:

  • Euro 120.00 up to 10 kgs; Euro 130.00 for more than10 kgs, per week for each dog. Discount of 20% for second dog. Discount of 50% for each successive week. For stays of less than a week the daily cost will be Euro 25.00. 
  • A deposit of Euro 100.00 is also required to cover any possible damage to the room.
  • Extra: dog-training courses, bathing and grooming at the dog-house.
  • Self-service bathing and grooming with the mechanical Dog Shower Point: Euro 5 for a period of 15 minutes.
  • Dog parking respective closed cages: Euro 3.00 per hour.
  • Follow the rules of the Dog Village
  • N.B. other companion animals apart from dogs are accepted provided they remain in the room or in carriers and with a disinfection cost of Euro 30.00